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SiriusXM The New Sound 4.0 "SRPD"

Present Day: The 2 SatCasters, after the RadioClash, BCame SiriusXM & "SRD" BCame:

MDBP- " How about That! SRK, Your XM & Sirius merger of 5 SatCasters into 1, didn't last
a monopoly 2 long, huh?"

SRK- " Listen here, MDBP< I have been ON the SRPD "Evacuate the Dance Floor, i'm
Infected by the Sound",  I go either way, SiriusXM or Pandora,
SiriusXM has the Content,Target Market & Growth while Pandora has the Target Market &
Growth, Not 2 Mention',  "SiriusXM the New Sound 4.0SPD"

MDBP- " I'm Glad U Came, So Glad U Came"

More 2 Come
"Make Me Come Alive, Come On & Turn Me ON"