The Dreaming VOID P.F. Hamilton Re-edited By SRK - SiriusXM  
Tribeca Film Fest 09

"There were many difficulties creating One SatCaster",
L.A. said with annoyance towards S.G.
"I have seen the SkyLords Dream, It will lead us inside the Void.
We just have to find the Living Dreamer."
S.G.- " L.A., it took 2 SatCasters and Countless Dream Masters
Years to assemble the existing dream fragments into the small
dream we have." "We believe in this case, there is no firm link,
as the one J.L. & G.H. had  with the VOID. These fragments are
Countless and incomplete.
"It's Not, J.L. & G.H. having fun at our expense, I know that",
said B.D.,
"I know the feel of their T's,D's,&S's, We all do. This is different.
I was the one first drawn to those first few fragments, remember.
I realized what they were."
" There is a Living Dreamer, another Buried Treasure"
"The Second Dream has begun! We have known it in our hearts.
You have known It. I have known it. we have been shown inside
the VOID again. We have soared with the SkyLords. We Must
Find the Living Dreamer"

Without concious intervention, the ancilliary thought routines
operating inside Derrick's macrocellular clusters animated his
ocular zoom. He had not known he had  
the zoom function,which peaked his curiosity. At his request the
secondary  thought routines ran a systems check thru the
macrocellular clusters enriching his nervous system. Exoimages
and  mental icons unfolded  from neutral status to standby in his
peripheral vision, lines of shifting irradescence bracketing his
natural sight.  The exoimages were all default symbols generated
by his ISiriusXM, the personal interface with SiriusXM that
instantly would connect him to any of its massive data,
communication, entertainment, and commerce functions, all
standard stuff.
Diversity Short 1
NO Soundtrack No Movie -
Close Your Eyes
ALL systems Nominal, as the
ISiriusXM interface goes into
"Holy Cow, Sunday Bloody Sunday"
- Derrick says aloud to himself, as
he realized he was just in the
Dreaming VOID for just under 20
Hrs.. Tribeca Day 4 Return
Holding Breath
20 Hrs Negotiations
Wednesday Morning
CNBC Rhetoric: 6-8am
Larger Then Life
Wednesday @ Dusk:
Poison Pill
Recovery &
DAY   5
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