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The New Sound
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There's a beginning, middle, &  end  in  every  story,  SiriusXM  
The  New  Sound  is  the  beginning  of   the  end.  At   1st  there  
were  2  SatCasters,  
Sirius  &                      both  with  countless  
themes, dreams,  and  schemes.  Due  to  the  continued  
development  of  technology  and  competition  from  traditional  
radio, internet  radio,  iphones/ipods, and  mp3's  the  SatCaster  
duopoly  were  both  on  the  verge  of   being  counted  out  in the  
12th  round,  shoulder blades  an  inch   from  the  mat,  or  in  the
spirit  of  the World  Series  2009  - Tied  with  the  bases  loaded  
and  2 outs  in the  bottom  of   the  ninth.  After  18  months  of  
dueling  the  
fcc,  doj, nab, congress , senate,  and  then  some,  
they  emerged  as  1  SatCaster,

18  months  after  the  Radio  Clash  of  Sirius  and  XM ,  creating  
new  channels while  adjusting  channels  that  overlapped  ( each  
satcaster  had  80's, 90's, country, on and on )
Not  to  mention  each  having  their  own  exclusive  content,
Sirius  had  
Howard  Stern,  XM  MLB,  Sirius had  Sinatra,  XM  
Oprah, the  list  goes  On  and  ON.  They  still  do  have  certain  
content  that  is  exclusive  to  1  satcaster,  BUT,  These  times  
are  a  
changin'  and  for  the  purposes  of  creating  awareness  
and   moving  past  the  Radio  Clash,  we  will  assume  that  
there  is  a  product  that  can  recieve  all  
SiriusXM  content -
SiriusXM  . ws  Pirate Radio -  Tastes  Great  -  siriusxm  less  

That  all  said:  I  spent  the  summer  going  to  countless  farmers  
markets  in  NJ  amd  PA  buying  Silver  Pieces  and   old  records
( L.P's )  for  my  "radio"  webcasts  and  countless  radio  shows  
on SiriusXM.  I was  of  course  inspired  by  Tom  Petty's  
Treasure  radio  show  and  another  self  proclaimed  rebel  Bob
Dylan, who's  radio
show  is Theme  Time  Radio  Hour,  Dylan  created  an  episode
(theme)  on  Baseball  -  That  episode  was  placed  and  
honored   in the  Baseball  Hall  of  Fame  -
Not Bad  for  a Newbie DJ  in his  1st  season.
Not  Only  that  SiriusXM  broadcasts  every  baseball  game -
every team  all  season, including  the  World  Series  in  
countless  langauges.  Derek  Jeter,  Cal   Ripken,  and  countless  
more  former and   current  baseball  players host  their  own  
Mlb Homeplate  is   on  HGH, as  jose canseco  has  even  made  

By  september  SiriusXM . ws  returned  to  these  farmer's  
markets  to  sell   Silver Pieces , sports  cards,  &   LP's   while  
finding  contributer's  for  SiriusXM  The  New  Sound  "book".  
SiriusXM  .  ws  is  looking  to  expose  the  good, the bad,  and  
the  ugly  of  SiriusXM.  Years  ago,  a  genious  named  Studs  
Terkel  wrote  a  book  titled  "Working",  which  was  just  an  
accumulation  of  contributor's  who  discussed  what  they did  for  
work .  Let's  Expose  SiriusXM:

Chuck -  Listens  to  
SiriusXM  on  DirecTV  and  likes  what  he  
hears. ( 1  of  the  reasons  
XM  needed   to  merge  with  Sirius  
was  B/c  
DTV  is  a strategic  partner  with  XM - in  other  words  
XM receives  no $$$ to broadcast  over  DTV  bandwidth,  at  the  
time  it  was  about  'brand  awareness'  -  I believe it was just
corporate management padding their  own resumes, but,  
Mindshare = Marketshare ).  Chuck  says  if  he  ever  won the  
lottery  he  would  buy  a  Harley  Davidson  Motorcycle ( another
Strategic partner  of  SiriusXM )  with  SiriusXM.  

Punk  Rocker  F.C.  tried  to  buy  a  Tom  Petty record  from  me,  
but  I  refused.  He  was  not  happy, however,  F.C.  was  
unaware  of  
Tom Petty's  show  Buried  Treasure, nor did  he  
know  about  
SiriusXM  channels  Lithium,  Underground   Garage,
Boneyard  channels  dedicated  to  his  preferred  genre.

RjH   a  portrait  artist  doesn't  have
 sirius  or xm,  however,  he  
bought  the  2nd  "The  Guess  Who"  album  I  sold,  The  Guess  
Who  can  be  heard  on  many  channels,  
classic rock,  classic
vynyl, & boneyard  to  name  3.

RS  is  a  45's  dj  who  duels  other  dj's  at  a  bowling  alley  
once  a  month  -  45's  are  not  my thing  as  albums  are  the  
complete  work  of   art.  RJ    used  to  listen to  BackSpin ( it  
doesn't exist b/c it  Lost  in the Radio  Clash,  however,  
Underground  Garage,  Howard  Stern, and  SiriusNfL  are  his  
top 3.

ND bought  an aftermarket   XM  radio  for  his  nissan  altima (
Nissan = SPartner)
Listens  to  decades  channels -
60's, 70's ,80's, 90's on 9, &
classic  vynyl  -  ND  is  a  Triple A  subscriber, pays  his  bill  and  
wouldn't  know  what  to  do  while  driving without  SiriusXm.

J.S.  a  farmers  market  junkie  has  made  my  contributor  list  
twice  -  he  listens  to  country  music, told  him  about  
Country  and  Willie's  Place  -  he  carries  a "to  the  moon"  bag  
while  shopping  for  
Buried  Treasure -  SiriusXM  .  ws  To  The

Don't  Ask  - Don't Tell  -  SZ  &  Friend  who  tried  to  buy  my  
Wizard  of  Oz  lunch box,  holding  my  lunch  money  silver  
pieces  were  Unaware,  that
 Oprah ( their fav)  had a Channel  -
Not just a show - a channel ,  after  a  while  they  mentioned  they  
were  more  then  'friends' - (I didn't Ask),  I was  waiting though  
SiriusXM  has  a  channel  called  
OutQ   .

B.S.  was  the  3rd  person  to  buy  a  "guess who"  album,  he  is  
an  english  major, so  he  'edited'  this:  B.S.  was  
unaware/unconcious  of  having
SiriusXM  bandwidth  on  DTV  or
Dish  network,  due  to  partying  to  the  vibe  of  The  Guess Who
, Rushing  home  to  light  up  
DeepTracks  and BoneYard    on  
DTV  he  went...

SiriusXM   World  Series  contributer's  On the  horizon..

SiriusXM  The New  Sound  -
Tell  Me  More - ( Chapter 2 )
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