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All Systems Nominal but TimeShifted
Launch is ON 10/25/2013 @ 2:12 EDT
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Q32013 ThinkPiece

Seems SiriusXM willB raising rates 2 14.99/Month.
However: There R several packages offered by
SiriusXM including A'La Carte Choice which have
been offered since the SatCasterClash of '08.
More Importantly, Adding a suite of Spanish Content
Channels streamed Across All "Devices".
"GOAAAAAAAAAL" 4, $5.99, opening a BackDoor into
South America.
SiriusXM still penetrating New/Used Car markets,
while suppressing all the Buried Treasure in the
extremely larger "target market" - UR Device.
2 Way "communication" ON the Horizon.

As 4 The Stock: Initiating as an Accumulation

All Systems Nominal