May The Force B With U
Lucas expounded: “I’m assuming that the midi-chlorians are a race that everybody knows about [in the world of Star Wars].
The way you interact and interface with this larger energy field [the Force] is through the midi-chlorians, which are sensitive to
the energy. They are at the core of your life, which is the cell, the living cell. They are in a symbiotic relationship with the cell.
And then, because they’re all interconnected as one, they can communicate with the larger Force field. That’s how you deal
with the Force.”

Kasdan: The Force was available to anyone who could hook into it?
Lucas: Yes, everybody can do it.
Kasdan: Not just the Jedi?
Lucas: It’s just the Jedi who take the time to do it.
Marquand: They use it as a technique.
Lucas: Like Yoga. If you want to take the time to do it, you can do it; but the ones that really want to
do it are the ones who are into that kind of thing.

“The Force is really a way of seeing; it’s a way of being with life. It really has nothing to do with weapons. The Force gives you
the power to have extra-sensory perception and to be able to see things and hear things, read minds and levitate things. It is
said that certain creatures are born with a higher awareness of the Force than humans. Their brains are different. The Force is
a perception of the reality that exists around us. You have to come to learn it. It’s not something you just get. It takes many,
many years…Anyone who studied and worked hard could learn it. But you would have to do it on your own.”
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