Modern Day Boy Plunger
WhaleTank Duel #1
WhaleTank Duel #2
Return Style
*These Charts Represent 1 MDBP Fund, No Margin, Returns R Higher as Dividends, SpinOffs, Splits R not Inc in Total Return.
"WhaleTank Duel#3" Presents:
LMCA 7.7.14
Last Day 2 Get In B4 "Split"
Extended Showing & Improv

LMCA goes OTT, Again;
B/C of "split" technicalities,
Time 2 get "IN" has been
Extended until day B4 "split"

Reiner.WS -
ImprovStyle On the Fly
WhaleTank3 _ LMCA Encore
Post - Split
PressingUp "A" Shares
"LMCA" to "SpinOff" "Liberty BroadBand
4 shares LMCA Receives - 1 Liberty BroadBand Share
4 LMCK shares = 1 BroadBand Share

GSAT ThinkPiece:
WorldWide Insurgents Need "GSAT"
"SatPhones with High Speed Bandwidth"
Insurgents, Evil Doers, & Then Some Need 2 B:
GSAT - Charging Insurgents by the:
Call, Text, DataUsage, & Then Some
WhaleTank4 _ MasaYoshiSon.TV
NasCar Sprint Cup "Go-Bowling400" @ Pocono: &
"Crashes" -'
Strategic Partner
Proclaims 2 JR's Crew,
after this PitStop,
JR would _
Win Race
Not Knowing a Win would
2, Roll a
"Turkey" 4 Season @
"GoBowling400 Pocono"
MasaSon.TV - WT4_Pepper
MasaSon.TV -WT4_Pepper2
WT_5 GoldManSachs "ThunderStruck"
Too POV, OTT, Extreeme, but:

Marcelo.TV Bolivian Bandit Wins GS/WS "Debut"
'S', Wins, "T SQ Corporate Store" MDBP Duel: Need 2Make a "Call" - "S" Store Devices R ON
"GS" "BackRoom"(not Invited) - SB's Goto(Go2) is "Over The Moon"
Price, Timing, & SubStance
LiveLong, Prosper, & B a Winner